Deceleration Technologies is proud to bring Slow 'N Tell and Lift 'N Tell to the Truck Safety Technology Market!  With Instinctive Lighting Technology, our roads and work places will definitely be safer!


Slow 'N Tell will make our roads safer by utilizing a truck's brake lights under all braking conditions to warn following drivers that the truck in front of them is slowing down.  This is important because large trucks do not brake the same way that passenger vehicles do.  Trucks tend to slow down in 4 different ways:  Standard service brake, engine brake, downshifting and coasting.  Trucks that do not use Slow 'N Tell will only illuminate their brake lights when using the service brake (like a passenger vehicle would).  With Slow 'N Tell quietly helping out, the very same truck will warn following drivers of the intention to slow down at a braking rate, under all 4 scenarios.  Neat!


Lift 'N Tell is a versatile safety product, originally designed as a 'box-up' warning.  The fully packaged, weather proof, fool proof LNT can be installed by a novice truck technician and keep truck operators alert while at the helm for the duration of their shift.  The original LNT can be extended to also warn the operator of many other mishaps:  open hopper trap, end-gate, combination gate, van door, tarp, etc...

These warnings are becoming more important as many trucks are equipped with remote control traps, tarps and so-on.  If the remote is accidently activated, the driver will immediately know what is wrong and avoid an expensive incident. 


For pricing on Slow 'N Tell and Lift 'N Tell options please contact us at one of the following numbers. 

You just may be surprised at how affordable safety can be!


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